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PostSubject: Xfire   Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:08 pm

I think I mentioned it before, but we have more players now so i'll ask again Smile Anyone else use Xfire? If so lemme know and i'll add you.

If not and you wanna know about it, its basically just a messenger for gamers. It keeps track of what games you play how many hours youve played them, you can download free games or purchase others, on some games if a friend is playing and you log on there's a button so you can hop right in with them Smile
Thats just the beginning lol theres live video streams, in-game video recording, take screen shots...and a lot more if anyone is interested or wants to look more into it here's a link http://www.xfire.com/ Dont forget to add me if you have / get it Smile

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